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week off

flying away
hello, florida!
beer me. all week.
at the beach. early.
stuff for sale
back to the beach.
chilling out on the back porch
back in dc. missed the rowhouses.
sunbeam on north capitol
saturday afternoon on 12th street

this has been a year of insane amounts of travel for me and the boy.

i feel like we've been out of town for half of 2012.

we took all last week off and went down to florida. i never wanted to come back to real life.

waking up with the view of the water, having beers before noon, falling asleep on the beach--i miss it.

but truthfully, i missed dc too. and i'm excited about fall and some upcoming posts i have planned (including pics from the wedding, finally!).

hope everyone's enjoying the lack of humidity.

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