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summer sandals

i have my eye on a few of these sandal options. 

there are some good ones for pretty reasonable prices out there this year.

h&m - $24.95 | zara - $79.90 | asos - $30.55 | asos - $37.33

here are a few more that i really like.

target - $16.99 | sam edelman - $65 | target - $19.99 | madewell - $49.50

a few notes about quality: i've owned zara and sam edelman sandals in the past. the zara ones were holding on for dear life by labor day and the sam edelman pair are still going strong more than a year later.

and the sam edelmans are offered in about a billion colors.

i really do like what zara offers, but i wouldn't buy a pair expecting them to stand the test of time. but i also walk a lot so that probably contributed to their demise.

_ _ _

i love this time of year. the clothes, the heat, the holidays.

bring it on.


  1. I'm glad you endorse the Sam Edelmans - I bought the tan patent pair in a panic last week before a trip when I realized I had zero sandals. If they'll last for a couple summers I won't feel guilty about spending the $ :)

  2. yeah! i really hope they work out for you. mine still look pretty new after a year of heavy use.

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