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gooey butter cookies

 if you like to cook or bake, you probably have a few recipes in the arsenal that just work for you. they win every time.

these cookies that my late grandmother used to make are on that list of go-to recipes for me.

they're easy to make, they're light, fluffy and moist and have the best flavor.

i made these for a mother's day bbq my husband's family had last weekend, and i decided i should share the wealth.

these cookies are the truth.

i like to cook these on my silpati usually end up baking mine for just about 10 minutes and thirty seconds. that seems to work for my oven. they might look a little jiggly if you pull them out that early, but i promise they'll harden up once they cool. and i really prefer these cookies on the less done side. lightly golden brown on the bottom and soft all the way through.


_ _ _

edited to add: the cream cheese and butter must be at room temperature. forgot to add that!

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  1. aw, grandma. best cookies. thanks for posting the recipe. i'll definitely be making some soon