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goodbye toby

as a tribute to the series (!) finale of the office that airs tonight, i put together a list of some of my favorite quotes from one of the best shows on television.

even as a diehard fan, i'll admit that the last season or two hasn't been quite as crazy good as the earlier ones, but last week's episode had me crying like a baby. and i'm gonna miss these guys on my thursday nights so much.

the office also holds a special place for me because my husband and i actually met at work and were friends for years before we ever started dating. 

of course, it was hard to narrow these down, and i feel like i left out some gems, but here's my list.

and i saved the best for last.

thanks for nine hilarious seasons. 

1 comment:

  1. awwwww i can't believe it's over! but this post had me dying. i love stanley's face from the drug testing episode so much. haha... nicely done