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alvin corn

i love mnemonic devices. i think that's how i got through school. i made up some many little tricks for myself to memorize facts and it always really worked for me.

this post isn't exactly about  mnemonic devices, but in a way it is.

i'd like to introduce you all to my friend alvin corn. 

he's been hanging around my house, making it sparkling clean for a few months now so i thought i'd share the wealth. i first discovered this little clean freak via crunchy betty. which i think i stumbled upon via google.

anyways, long story short, alvin corn is short for the ingredients pictured below. when combined with warm water, they make an awesome replacement for windex.

seriously, it's great. the first time i used it, i went a little nuts and cleaned all of the exterior windows on our rowhouse, just to watch them shine. i will say it doesn't smell the best, but the odor fades pretty quickly. and i mean, does windex smell nice? 

i love how cheap this is to make and i love how non-toxic it is.

try it once and i swear you'll never go back to the blue stuff again.  

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