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call of the wild

who's up for animal sweaters?

my take? 

this is one of those things where i'm really surprised i like it as much as i do. but i'm really loving this wave of kooky-but-cool sweaters that are hitting the market these days (and slowly making their way down to the realm of the reasonably priced).

let's face it: sweaters can be super boring. i love to inject a little bit of humor and personality into my wardrobe, and these sweaters with their quirky prints and somewhat kitschy vibe really work.

polyvore set here

in the early fall, try pairing one of these sweaters with shorts and some ankle boots. or maybe a flowing pleated skirt. a cool pair of colored jeans or a pair of cropped pants (patterned or not) would also be awesome here.

it takes a little bit of careful styling to wear something like this that could easily come off as childish, but i can't wait to incorporate one or more of these into my fall and winter attire.

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