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fall fashion

waking up to less humidity and cooler mornings has been a nice change of pace this week.

i'm never thrilled about summer's end, but shopping for a new season always helps make it ok.

here are my picks for fall this year. (and last year's list in case you're bored.)

1. i need new shoes. desperately. i bought a pair of flat black ankle boots last year and wore them to death. i'm in the market for some in another shade in 2012.

2. i hope peplum's ladylike loveliness never goes away. and in these rich hues with flirty lace, you'll look fantastic.

3. drop-waist dresses. are we ready for this? the cut feels a little on the younger side, but i think with the right accessories and shoes, anyone could pull them off.

4. i love the look of leather embellishments. and although i'm quite committed to my dress-wearing ways, i think some patterned pants are in order this season. 

5. after years of stud earrings, i'm ready for some dangling drama. these tassel earrings would be super chic with a minimalist, solid color dress. i still love everything clare vivier has to offer, and these two foldover clutches are perfect for fall. also: nail polish. i'm ready to say goodbye to summer brights and paint on something more suited for the cooler weather.

_ _ _

what are you thinking about adding to your wardrobe?

1 comment:

  1. The top things on my list are a tweed blazer and suede wedges. I so want a pair of Frye-esque riding boots but ugh, expensive.