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put together

here's the situation: you have to look put together for work every day.* but it gets old and eventually monotony is bound to ensue.

this is where pencil skirts + silk shirts come along to save the day. for me, this combo wins every time. plus, if you can find pencil skirts that aren't so run-of-the-mill, well then that's just fabulous. 

check it out.

when i buy clothes, i try to purchase items that can mix and match easily, and with these tops and bottoms, there are so many possible combinations. 

i just love that.

you can make it more edgy or go totally classic. whatever floats your boat. 

but we can't stop here with just tops and bottoms. oh no.

let's add some fun accessories and shoes to bring the whole look together

pretty awesome, right? 

here's some outfit options for you, too. there are dozens more to be had.

all by couldawouldapica on polyvore

pencil skirts and silk tops make dressing like a professional a breeze, and if you make smart purchases, your wardrobe will become this fun little treasure trove, ready for you to mix and match to perfection.

makes getting dressed for work just a little more fun.

_ _ _

*well, most of us anyways. not those lucky jerks people who get to work from home.


  1. Oh my gosh, this post is fantastic! I'm totally bookmarking it, because you've just added so much more inspiration to my closet! I'm completely in love with that green bib necklace too

  2. wow thank you! i'm so glad you enjoyed it. :D