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come away with me

it's still april, but that's right next to may. and may has memorial day weekend which is always my unofficial start to summer.

that's how my summer-lovin mind works anyways.

i guess what i'm trying to say is that lazy days at the beach are in our sights, people.

in our sights!

and those bags up there are some of my favorite ways to carry all those summertime essentials. 

_ _ _

with that in mind, here's two equally adorable beach day looks for two very different ladies. 

via polyvore

here we have headwear (straw hat, silk scarf) to keep your hair in place, headphones for jamming out, fun sunglasses, lip coverage with spf, and some lazy day reading materials. 

down the middle is the stuff that everyone needs, regardless of personal style: spf lotion for your face and body. muy importante. also, a comb and some wavy hair spritz to keep your luscious locks free from tangles won't hurt.

_ _ _

personally, i can't wait to get to the beach next month. i don't care if the ocean's gonna be freezing, there's nothing better than chilling out with a good book and some beachy tunes. add in some people you love and a splash or three of alcohol and that's even better.

_ _ _

see you guys out there!

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