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potw: blind side

i'm a fan of simplicity. 

why make something more complicated than necessary? 

in the world of letterpress printing, blind debossing kinda takes the cake for simple but stunning. it's like a regular letterpress job with no ink. so you get all that yummy texture but no color added.

have a peek:

via felt & wire by farmwood press
via pink orchid press
via aloha letterpress
via dolce press
via liquorice press
via letterpress junkie
via trip print press
via moontree letterpress

all of the above examples are white on white. i like that look. but blind debossing can also be used on color. and it looks pretty awesome. 

via plenty of colour by james prunean

_ _

the thank you cards i made back in october had this look. so did these really cool invitations.

_ _ _

three cheers for keeping things simple.

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