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caps lock

a little cap toe can make all the difference in dressing up a boring shoe. in my opinion, it's a little vixen-y too.

and whether you live in flats or can't pass up high heels, there's something out there just for you.

take a peek:

i have two shoes on here twice. i never do that. but i just couldn't decide which version i liked better. 

cork + hot pink


cork + gold?

nope. can't chose. so i'm showing both.

_ _ _

i have these little guys here.

pic by me | sold-out flats by old navy

a very thoughtful and unexpected gift from my sister. been wearin them with my grey jeans a lot.

i also like the way these variations are looking:

via dorothy perkins

via office uk

_ _ _

or hey. if you have some tan/beige or any other solid color shoe that's laying around just begging for a facelift, you could always try...

...this totally easy DIY from green wedding shoes right here.

_ _ _

have fun!

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