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ah, early november.

days are decidedly cooler, darkness comes much sooner and everyone's freaking out about red cups

me? this isn't my favorite month or even favorite time of year. i'm a summer lover. i'd be justfinethanks if the temp never got below 75. 

but here we are. 


_ _ _

sweet potatoes are in season*, and i'm excited to start cooking with them.

via the art of doing stuff

first up? i'll probably start with your standard sweet potato fries. this recipe intrigues me since it promises crispy results, and it looks like the blog's author takes her fries verrry srsly. i can respect that.

also exciting?

i'm sold.

_ _ _

but what if you don't feel like cutting up the potato?

i got you.

pinch of yum has a recipe for sweet potato skins that include spinach, chickpeas and two kinds of cheese. 

via pinch of yum

i've never seen this combo before, but it sounds really good.

_ _ _

but sweet potatoes don't have to be sidekicks. they can be the star of the show too.

this sweet potato chili recipe from cookie + kate looks awesome. so hearty and perfect for a chilly day.

via cookie + kate 

_ _ _

the cool thing about sweet potatoes is that they can play both sides: they can be sweet or savory and i love that versatility.

leanne bakes has a cool no-fry (!!!) donut version. and sweet treats & more has a whole wheat vegan biscuit recipe that sounds easy and fun. plus the biscuits are served with cinnamon butter. oh boy.

sweet potatoes can be made into chips or used to make a more traditional-style dinner roll 

but of all these recipes, the one that made me pause and say huh?! is this one for sweet potato hummus


cool, right?

via macheesmo

i'm dying to try this.

_ _ _


there's so many options, i don't even know where to begin. and that's a good thing.

my november's looking up already

_ _ _ 

*small disclaimer: i try to do a seasonal post once a month. that said, on this blog, i'm focusing on what's in season in the mid-atlantic, specifically dc. most of my research about what's in season comes from poking around on a few different sites, but should i ever be mistaken about when the crop is truly in season, let me know! i'm not a farmer. just someone who admires their work + hoping to educate others and myself about eating seasonally. epicurious has a great interactive little map if you're wondering what's good in your area. enjoy!

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