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gimme gimme

for those of you who celebrate any of the upcoming holidays (or are forced to celebrate said holidays at work), here's a few gift ideas.

you know. 
something to get the creative gift-giving juices workin.

_ _ _

1. for the faves: ipad case, leather gloves, cashmere scarf. 

2. for the foodies: wine opener,* french press, organic grey sea salt.

3. for the coworker: magnetic board, desk calendar, business card holder

4. for the new homeowners: versatile tray, bartender's toolkit, clock

_ _ _

i love giving gifts. 
so much.

it makes me unbelievably pumped to find something i know someone on my list would just die to have. i try to start my shopping in the middle of november so it's not as overwhelming but that doesn't always happen. and it all still works out.

 at this point, i do 90% of my holiday shopping online. except for a few things. i love doing it that way. plus, it's pretty much the only place that isn't playing christmas music on constant loop.

_ _ _

*i can't say enough good things about that wine opener. it makes removing the cork so easy. srsly. after you open one with this, you'll never want that measly little corkscrew again.

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