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containment, deux

i am still obsessing

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this particular home is made from 
twelve shipping containers. 

it lives in brooklin, maine
 and was designed by 
artist + architect adam kalkin

[click to see more of his work. wow, dude]

images via dornob

and another one. too much.

*love* the chain link on the interior.

by keith dewey of zigloo

image via

even new york gets in on the container game.

stalker alert: 
[on the corner of charles + washington, west village]

designed by architects
jason halter
christos marcopoulous


i saved my #1 seed (sorry it's march) for last

image via by photographer chris cooper

image via by photographer chris cooper

image via by photographer chris cooper

uhh what?

texas architect 
jim poteet dreamed this one up.
it's in san antonio.

can't believe places like this exist

...i will never lust after a regular home again. 

well, maybe.

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