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everyone has a fave city
...or at least one that makes them happy.

these adorable, re-usable cotton totes are the work of
brooklyn-based maptote, the brainchild of
rachel rheingold + michael berick.

excerpt from their site:
"after a trip to europe, rachel rheingold (a fashion stylist) and michael berick (a cartographer) wanted to create something they could do together. combining their love and passion for travel, maps, and design--MAPTOTE was born in the fall of 2006."

as a dc rez, using these instead of a plastic bag at fine retail establishments and one of the 500 CVS stores I frequent farmers markets has almost become second nature. 

but these are good to have on hand in general.
youknow, for all your toting needs.

last year, i purchased one for a very good friend 
who happens to be obsessed with paris (above).

i'm intrigued by their other products as well 
(zip pouch, wine tote, below)

sustainability + smart design?
love it!

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