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sticks and sticks

photograph by paul kodama | 
installation - honolulu, hawaii - 2003

photograph courtesy of the north carolina museum of art | installation - raleigh, nc - 2005
photograph by ricardo barros | 
installation - hamilton, new jersey - 2004

photograph by dennis cowley | 
installation - new york, new york - 1996

photograph by wayne moore | 
installation - the savannah college of art and design - 1998

photograph by adam rodrigeuz | 
installation - phoenix, arizona - 2007


all installations are the work of

excerpt from bio on his site:

"beginning about 1980 with small works,
fashioned in his backyard, he quickly moved from
conventional pedestals to monumental
site-specific installations
that require sticks by the truckload."

there's something

so   w h i m s i c a l

about these i really appreciate

[ i'd love to see one in person someday ]

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