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take me back

eating taco rice makes me feel sixteen again.

never had it?

it's ridiculously easy to make for those nights when you want to rip your eyes out when the "what's for dinner" question comes up.

this is my go-to for tacos | next time, i'm trying this

cheap, easy, microwavable | but maybe one day

this is bibb | but use whatever you have

some people don't use sour cream on theirs | those people are insane

what you see here is pretty much it. 

cook the meat of your choice.
season it.
chop up the veggies.
serve over rice.

tonight, we feast! | all pics by me

this was THE MEAL when i was a teenager living abroad.

it's still sooo satisfying. 

the boy has become a fan. try it out sometime when you're in a pinch. 

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