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if there's burgers and fries on your menu, you can bet i'm probably gonna order it. 

if your version is exceptional, you can bet i'll be trying to eat there weekly.

my nj-based sister was in town this weekend. i'd read some good things about standard so we decided to check it out.

pic by me

there were four in our party. we all got the burger. 

pic by me

i consider myself to be somewhat of a burger professional. i know what i like. and this burger just ruled.

a bun that holds its shape
a fresh, ripe tomato
a crisp dill pickle
expertly melted sharp cheddar

you guys, it was pretty perfect. our waitress told us that the burgers come with 'special sauce' and onions too, but i drown my burgers in enough ketchup that i didn't even notice the sauce. or the onions, which i later found out were just diced up superfine

but it's not just the burger.

pic by me

the sides here also kinda blew me away. i'm pretty sure they switch up the sides on a regular basis (i love when a menu's not always the same thing!), but i highly recommend all three of these guys in the pic above.

the onion rings had a thick, crispy, well-seasoned outside. and when you bite it, the onion breaks cleanly. 

so. crucial.

and let's talk about that corn, too. i've had it at nats park, but they tried to kill me with too much cayenne. and i love heat.

standard's version was insane. so so fresh and yummy. 

pic by me

the fries were served fresh out the fryer and seasoned perfectly. i happen to prefer shoestring fries, but these guys made me second guess that preference. they really were awesome.

this is probably going to become the new spot for me and the boy. it's right on 14th, they have a great beer selection, and it's the perfect place to eat outside and people/puppy watch. 

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