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going rogue

i'm a recipe follower. 

i like to know that i'm making something exactly right. usually when i decide i want to try a new dish, i google or search pinterest to find a recipe that works for me. but last weekend, i went out on a limb and i winged it with this soup.

i had some stuff in the fridge i wanted to use before it expired and a butternut squash we hadn't cooked yet. i've watched enough food network over the years to know that soup isn't all that difficult to make. it also helped that butternut squash is in season. we got ours from the columbia heights market and it was such a pretty shade of orange.

i didn't make my own stock or anything like that, but this turned out to be delicious. so i wanted to share. in recipe format. just in case there's any faithful recipe followers out there like me.

p.s. if you wanna know how to peel and break down a squash, i did a step-by-step post with photos on that last year.

we ate this with some gruyere grilled cheese sandwiches and it felt like fall exploded.

_ _ _

if you're looking for other seasonal dishes, check out the archives here.

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