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bad luck

i seem to have bad luck with beauty products. every once in a while, i find something that i love, something that just really works for me and i keep buying it.

in the image above are my favorite eyebrow pencil, leave-in conditioner and mascara. i've written about the mascara before. that's been hard to find for about five years now. for a while, after they stopped selling it in stores, i was buying it on ebay. thankfully now, it's back on amazon at its normal price. it used to be on there for about forty bucks. crazy.

then, my leave-in conditioner became impossible to find in stores. no cvs, target or even wal-mart had it. and i still never see it there. it's online but again--was i the only person buying it? why did this one product out of their line get removed from the shelves?

my latest bad luck is with my eyebrow pencil. i loved maybelline's light to dark blonde shade. all of a sudden, i couldn't find it. this crazy lady must have went to 12 cvs stores to try to find it. they still make every other color but seemed to have stopped producing this one altogether. it's on amazon at double the price and on ebay too. four for $43.99 suckers!

i wouldn't care if they stopped making my eyeshadow or some other product i'm not really attached to, but these were my go-to buys. 

bleh. oh well. i'll continue to stock up online while they'll still let me.

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