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 if we have them in the house, eggs are usually on the menu for a weekend breakfast.

when i was a kid, i was somewhat loyal to scrambled eggs when asked how i'd liked mine cooked. whenever i'd go visit my grandparents, they'd make these fried eggs with the runny yolks and i started liking those also. as an adult, i tried my hand at poaching and that became my favorite method for a while.

scrambled eggs were still good (and definitely the quickest), but they were always a little blah to me. not bad, but not the star of the plate by any measure.

then, i discovered tyler florence's method for cooking eggs (also endorsed by ruth reichl although hers are a little too buttery for me) and it's become my favorite once again. the eggs are neither runny nor well cooked. they almost take on a mousse-like texture that's perfect for spreading on buttered toast.

here's what you need to do.

just remember to cook on your stove's absolute lowest setting. i've eaten these plain a lot, but lately, i've been adding spinach and dusting with parmesan and a lot of red pepper for a take on eggs florentine.

try this method out sometime. it's a unique texture that's just delicious.

_ _ _

p.s. if i can pause for a vanity break, the hand pictured is my husband's not mine. ;)

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