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get excited

in the summer, probably more than any other season, i like to try new places to eat in the city. which isn't hard considering the crazy pace that places seem to be opening these days.

i've done these five-item lists for the winter and spring. here's my summer one.

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1. arcuri. i work in glover park and i get pretty tired of the same old options for lunch and happy hour. i'm excited about a nearby pizza place, especially a restaurant that's open for lunch. so many things on wisconsin don't open until five. it also doesn't hurt that they specialize in limoncello.

2. red hen. whenever i go to boundary stone, i end up walking by this place. i've heard great reviews of the food and service so i'll have to check it out soon. 

3. cream cycle. these guys get bonus points for the clever name and for being among the first to hop on the gourmet ice cream sandwich trend.

4. beuchert's saloon. a restaurant with a farm-to-table concept is always something i'm excited about. plus, i hear they make nearly everything in house, from the charcuterie to the pasta and breads. that's almost always a sign of a winning meal.

5. mockingbird hill. a place specializing in sherry and ham? if nothing else, my curiosity is piqued. 

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have you been to any of these spots? any other places you're dying to try? 

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  1. these all look good! i have reservations at B Too next weekend - good old 14th street ;)