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beauty faves

i've never been a huge make up person. 

i mean, i love trying new products, but you're not going to find 57 different eye shadows on my vanity.

but there are few products that i really love and have consistently bought over the years that i wanted to share. 

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eye makeup remover: i've been using this brand since high school. it's the only remover that truly does what it's supposed to do. there's no oily residue left behind and you can bet every last drop of even the toughest of mascara comes off with this stuff. my tip: thoroughly soak two cotton rounds with this stuff and gently press on your eye for at least 60 seconds. 

mascara: i've mentioned this mascara many times before, but, much like the remover, it's a staple for me and has been since college. there's not another mascara out there that works like this one does. it makes my thin blonde lashes pop all day long. two coats always, please.

clarisonic: yes yes yes. i don't think i need to say too much about this little gem since so many people own one and can attest to its smoothing power already. but i love mine. 

liner: i like a solid, thick (but not too thick) dark black line. this one stays on all day too. and even though the felt tip takes a bit of practice, once you figure it out, you'll love it too. 

dry shampoo: i hate the process of washing my hair every day. mostly because blow drying it all the time gets old fast. but i hate the feel and look of unclean hair and have loved having my handy dry shampoo to make things feel fresh again. 

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anything you can't live without?

1 comment:

  1. i love this makeup remover, too. and I think i'll be buying a clarisonic of my very own soon since yours worked so well.