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almost ten years

for years, whenever i was at a party or happy hour and the topic of how long you've lived in dc came up, i always said something along the lines of, "oh, i just moved here X months or X years ago."

it took me a really long time to stop saying that for some reason. probably too long.

spring time always makes me a little nostalgic, and the other day, i was talking with my husband when it occurred to me that i've lived here for almost a decade.

that really snuck up on me. 

i moved up to dc in the summer of 2004, not knowing anyone really. at first, i was determined to move back south as soon as i could find a good job and as soon as i could afford it. but then out of nowhere, the district grew on me. i moved around a lot as a kid, and outside of my college days (go gators!), this is the longest i've ever lived somewhere.

_ _ _

now, a decade may seem like a long time for someone like me with a nomadic childhood, but i know there are others who've lived here their whole lives.

that rare species known as native washingtonians. (i only know three.)

anyways, i was searching through the flickr page of the national archives, and found some pretty cool old photos of dc that i wanted to share today. 

hope you enjoy.

all images from the national archives flickr account except one from the glorious hum

can't imagine what city life must have been like back then. 

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  1. cool pics. i like the second one from the bottom. do you know where that is? i want to know what it looks like now