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the open road

aren't road trips fun?

there's also something to be said about the people who you're down to sit in a car with for an entire day. road trips aren't built for people you sorta know. 


you pretty much only commit to gas station food and long stretches of bad radio with your closest friends. and who better to sit in silence with at the end of the trip after you're totally sick of being in the car?

i'm sure many of you will be packing up your things soon for a fourth of july getaway.

but before you head out and settle into that seat for who knows how long, let's make sure you've got everything you need.

polyvore set here

1. a silk scarf/head wrap. for long streches in a confined space, i like to just forget about my hair. but i don't want to look like a mess. this is where a ponytail or sock bun plus a tied scarf comes in. you'll look so put together. and no one will know you've been up since six in the morning to beat traffic.

2. sunglasses. always. squinting is not cute.

3. your iphone/ipod. or some other device that plays music and can be hooked up to the car. because if you're headed down 95 south, there's only so much bad radio you can take.

4. simple accessories. this goes back to making an attempt to look somewhat put together. it's easy to feel gross in a car after eating fast food on the road twice in one day. (what? is that just me?) so i like to pretty myself up with at least some earrings/a ring/necklace. whatever you're in the mood for.

5. a larger-sized tote. preferably a sturdy, structured one with compartments that can sit on the floor of the car without flopping over. it'll be perfect for storing magazines, your nook or kindle, snacks, and everything else. you don't need that stuff cluttering up the car.

6. a comfortable dress. i always travel in dresses. especially for road trips (or flights) when i'm sitting for a long while. nothing too tight, nothing too fancy, just something that looks cute but feels as comfortable as a giant t-shirt. that's what you want.

7. shoes. if it's in the summertime, and you like to wear sandals like me, i'd recommend one with a slight wedge. the more space you can get between you and those gas station bathroom floors, the better.

8. face/hand wipes. to keep yourself feeling fresh. these are especially good if you're taking on a superlong trip. just makes you feel refreshed.

9. hair ties. goes with #1. the silk scarf. i just like to have my hair out of the way.

10. a pillow/blanket. it's not always necessary, but sometimes, you need a cat nap. provided the driver doesn't mind. this handy one is a pillow and blanket in one. would be great for airplanes too. anything to avoid using that cotton ball pillow they offer you.

11. protection. i'm talking germ protection. i never go on a road trip without a small supply of toilet paper, some hand sanitizer and perhaps the most crucial element: toilet seat covers. i carry these in my purse at all times actually. it has come in handy more times than i can tell you. as much as i love the romance of hitting the road with your best friend, there's nothing sexy about gas station toilet seats.

12.  a GPS system of some kind. this is also know as a relationship saver.

13. a camera! i love taking pics on the road. make sure you have something to capture all those fun times you had.

_ _ _

i think this is the first fourth in a while that i haven't traveled. when i first moved to dc in 2004, i always stayed in town for the holiday. i loved being here while everyone was out of town. no lines at whole foods! then, around 2008, i started the tradition of always taking that week off at work.

but not this year. 

i'll be here watching the city while you guys hit the road.

be safe out there! and enjoy the fireworks!

_ _ _

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