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six months

i'm not a fan of countdowns.

it might sound lame, but i think that while countdowns can be exciting and ramp up anticipation, they also prevent you from enjoying the present. 

want to hear something even more lame?

as a college freshman, i was in a long-distance relationship with my high school boyfriend (that's not even the lame part yet), and we were going to finally see each other over christmas breakzomg. i made a daily countdown for myself and every morning, i'd rip off a number with great gusto, knowing that i was one day closer to reuniting. 

yeah. we broke up in january.

but my point is, by focusing SO much energy on that stupid countdown, i kinda forgot about enjoying my first semester of college. sure, i had fun, but i wasn't fully there.

so when i realized that today is six months from me turning into a mrs., i got excited. then i remembered my countdown theory and quickly tried to put it out of my mind.

but i'm also a planner and organizer. and reaching the six month mark was sort of a wake up call that it's really happening. and it's gonna be here sooner than i think.

_ _ _

it also got me pumped to know that, as much as i've sorta enjoyed planning the day and collecting decorations for the space, there's also an end. and it's now within my sights. 

and that means summer.

[my favorite]

and summer clothes.

[also my favorite]

with that in mind, here are some pieces i'm excited about for the warmer weather months.

by couldawouldapica on polyvore

i realize it's only december 16. and i know my stance on countdowns. 

but i'll make a slight exception just this once.

because it's never too early to start dreaming of summer nights.

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