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ranch style

i'm a big fan of ranch. but i'm also insanely annoying picky about my ranch.

i don't want dill.
it better not taste like mayo.
or buttermilk.

i got sick of being disappointed, so i started looking for one i could make at home.

_ _ _

i found this recipe on the parsley thief over the summer and made it for a bbq.

there's always some kinks to work out when trying a new recipe, and on my first attempt, i made the slight mistake of not letting the flavors marry long enough. 

it wasn't bad. but it wasn't good either. just sort of bland.

i was bummed.
why wasn't it better?

i decided i'd taste it again the next day.
you know, just give it one last go before looking for a new recipe.


letting it sit overnight in the fridge made the biggest difference. it was like a completely different dip. and it was perfect.

my spread!

_ _ _

semi-fun fact: even though the original post on the parsley thief is two-plus years old, i was excited to see the recipe make a recent appearance on the blog.

gotta love a tried and true recipe.

i had a work event yesterday, and this has become my go-to for an easy + generally crowd-pleasing appetizer. 

dig in.   

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