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nine long months

when i was pregnant with jake, i couldn't get enough of these pregnancy must-have lists. i thought it was helpful to use the experiences of many to be as prepared as possible.

let me also say this about being pregnant: except for a few weeks in the second trimester, i did not enjoy it. i didn't expect it to be this non-stop fun time, but i've heard a lot (and still hear) women say how much they loved pregnancy. i don't know if they are just into their rose-colored glasses or if hindsight is too kind, but that wasn't my experience. 

that being said, i kept my list to things that made it more bearable for me. everyone's degree of morning sickness (horrible), back pain (bad in the third trimester), feet swelling (fine until about 38 weeks) and anxiety (please) is different, so keep in mind that this is what worked for me. 

and congrats to any new or soon-to-be moms out there!

1. pregnancy pops. a friend send these to me right after i found out i was pregnant. my morning sickness was bad. everything on earth -- especially dairy products and coffee -- smelled disgusting. i didn't actually eat very much in the first trimester because i was so sick all the time and was so turned off by everything, but these were appealing to me. pretty much any sour candy would do the trick. sour candy and smoothies for three months. oh yes.

2. stretch mark oil. let's be clear about one thing: you're probably gonna get stretch marks. some people don't, some people do, some people say it's genetic, but it's a fact of life for most pregnant ladies. this oil worked for me in some areas but was not as effective in others. either way, it can't hurt to keep that expanding body nice and moisturized and i liked this oil.

3. 12 hours sleep by 12 weeks old. this book saved my life/sanity. a very good friend of mine used this books for working on sleep with her two daughters. her kids sleep so well that i actually read this book (it's super thin) before i was pregnant while visiting her once. jake took to it like a champ (i was so so nervous it wouldn't work) and it's the first thing i recommend to anyone about to have a kid. 

baby 411. i read a lot of this book while i was pregnant and found it insanely helpful. it picks up right where the what to expect-type books leave off and i felt so much more prepared about those first few weeks after birth. it's practical, easy-to-read, and a little funny. i still reference it constantly.

4. grapefruit pellegrino. my drink of choice for the length of my pregnancy. i drank a shitload of water also (recommended: always carry a water bottle), but sometimes a little citrusy fizzy flavor just tastes better.

5. tums. easy heartburn relief. i also started liking their mint flavor, but didn't find out about it until the end of pregnancy.

6. leggings. i liked the ones from motherhood best. some people prefer old navy's version, but the way i was carrying my weight, i much preferred the kind of leggings that went all the way over the stomach instead of stopping below the belly button. i lived in these, especially the second and third trimesters. definitely buy three or four pair.

7. netflix. toward the middle/end of pregnancy, good sleep sorta goes out the window. so i wound up watching a lot of netflix late at night when i couldn't sleep because i was giant and i literally had to pee every five minutes.

8. supportive shoes. i jumped on this train a little too late and tried to wear cute-ish shoes for longer than i should have. you don't have to go full on frumpy and wear something hideous, but your back and swollen feet will appreciate the extra support.

9. you tube. as i mentioned, i basically felt like crap for three months in the beginning and never felt like working out. when my appetite finally came back with a vengeance in the second trimester, i attempted to EAT ALL THE FOODS. not cute. so i started doing these videos (yoga, cardio) on youtube and it gave me a little more energy and i felt a little (a little) less guilty about consuming the most food anyone has ever eaten.

10. snoogle. since sleep kinda sucks AND YOU CAN'T SLEEP ON YOUR FREAKING BACK, i bought one of these pillows and it made sleep slightly more comfortable. it's no miracle worker, but i definitely slept better once i had it. it folds into all sorts of positions, too.

11. apps. i loved the what to expect app and the i'm expecting app. it just felt like a fun way to mark the passage of time, and i'd get excited to read the daily/monthly updates.

12. jewelry. when you're pregnant, you basically miss out on multiple seasons of being able to buy new fun clothes. but jewelry always fits. and it's how i satisfied my desire to shop.

13. a desk fan. if you're going to be pregnant over the summer, you might consider getting a small desk fan. i was so hot at work. you might even need this if you're pregnant in the cooler months. it saved me from being a sweaty mess.

_ _ _

in addition to all of this, if you're shopping for baby stuff, don't forget that buy buy baby and babies 'r' us do price match. i found some killer deals by googling items while i was waiting to check out. if you can find it cheaper (and you almost always can), you can pay the cheaper price.

and i found most of my cute maternity clothes at target, asos and old navy. motherhood maternity/pea in the pod has some stuff there, but it can get expensive so watch for sales (they have them all the time). in the early stages of pregnancy, i also just wore larger sizes of "regular" non-maternity clothes. and those clothes will probably come in handy again right after your baby is here. 

that's all i got. 

if you think of anything i left off the list, let me know! 

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  1. I knew there would be something amazing behind the "hideous" link. You did not disappoint :)