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brighter than sunshine

just a few pictures from the weekend.

pretty flowers downtown 
a sunny sunday afternoon in my neighborhood 
pretty cool salt and pepper grinders at chez billy
on 11th street, before the storm on friday

with the latest update to instagram (actually, it was kinda a while back) i'm finding i don't take near as many pictures as i used to. maybe it's in my head, but i feel like the quality of the camera has really decreased. and i'm firmly in the camp of "no dslr uploads to instagram" because i think that's missing the point of the whole app.

*steps off high horse*

anyways, this weekend was pretty good. still cooler than i'd like it to be but i didn't have to wear a coat so i can't hate on it too much. 

in other news, i've been talking with some coworkers who know way more than i do about gardening. i've been listening to their advice and i'm thinking we're gonna do some tomato and pepper plants this year. i've never grown anything in my life (except for mold on some overlooked produce in the fridge) so i think it'll be a fun experiment. 

here's to a great week! 

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