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highest bidder

i have a sad story to share with you guys today.

my all-time go-to, #1 seed mascara hasn't been sold in the united states. for years.

let's back up a bit. i'm somewhat of a crazy lady when it comes to mascara. every once in a while, you come across the "if you could only use one beauty product for the rest of your life" question in a magazine or as a tired poll online somewhere. for me, the answer is only and always mascara. loads of it.

my lashes are long. but they're very light blonde. and thin. and straight.

kinda the opposite of what you want in lashes, right? throughout my teens and into my early 20s, i was entrenched in The Ultimate Mascara Quest. i probably tried twenty tubes. drugstore, department store, sephora, i went through them all.

and then it happened. max factor 2000 calorie aqua lash in rich black. bam.

i don't remember exactly when i started my now decade-long love affair with this product. but once i found it, none of the other brands existed. this waterproof mascara was cheap ($5.99!), could stand up to even the steamiest humidity, and it went on my lashes like it was built for multiple coats. 

and lord knows, i love my multiple coats.

 other mascaras can claim some of those things too, but max did all of that without ever looking scary. even after three coats, my eyelashes still looked like they were made of hair. not some clumpy plastic fibers attached to my eye. i'm picky about my lashes and i have no time for this.

now, my memory is hazy here, but some time around 2005, the only place i could find my precious was at wal-mart. fine. so out to the suburbs i went, buying four or five tubes at a time. then wal-mart stopped carrying it. so off i went to the internet. the internet has everything, right?

and they did. was my dealer. and we had a great relationship while it lasted. until they stopped carrying it too. i started hearing all these scary rumors that max factor would no longer be sold in the u.s. at all. ever. 


i tried to live in denial. "that won't happen," i convinced myself. but it did. and it became harder and harder to find. i even bought some imposters on amazon once. that was fun. but now, it's come to this:

i'm the person buying their mascara from some guy in the vale of glamorgan (could that sound more british btw?) and i'll continue to do so until davids7566 runs out of his secret stash. 

please tell me you stocked up, sir.

my lashes will thank you. 

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