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cherry picker

cherries feel like summer to me. and in july, they're at their very best.

pic by me

my sister and i picked up these guys last wknd. we ran through them in about five seconds.

_ _ _

here are some other new ways to enjoy this fruit. i'm trying to branch out of my i-only-eat-uncooked-fruit thing.



this is one of the more unique twists on a blt i've seen. the boy and i make blts a few times a month. could be a cool way to mix it up. plus, i always always have time for a sweet/salty combo.

via honey & jam
for all you freaks peeps out there who like hot fruit desserts, this crumble from honey & jam looks pretty easy.

via endless simmer


these popsicles have it all: 

fresh cherries
green apples (!)

plus, there's a recipe for homemade sweet + sour mix! 
_ _ _

enjoy these last few july days. i know i will!

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