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no words

i've always loved good, clean interior design.

i used to only admire homes from afar, dreaming of the day when i'd get a chance to have one of my own. 

back in april, the boy and i were fortunate enough to be able to purchase our first home.* 
i love it there, even though early summer travel has kept me out of it more often than i'd like.

there's plenty of amazing apartments and homes showcased daily on sites like apartment therapy and dwell. pinterest has simply allowed me to cast a wider net..uhhh, on the internet. 

anyways, i found this one today via pinterest and it just needed to be shrared. 

i mean come ON


all images via house of turquoise by hiya papaya
(the homeowner is also a talented photographer!)

if you're still dying to see more, check out the original posts (it's a five-part series!) on house of turquoise

there's definitely some aspects of the home that aren't 100% me, but that's why it's not mine, right? 

i just love their pops of color, use of textures and patterns, and the bright and airy feel that's carried throughout the whole home. 

*check back in 10 years when i've been able to do this to my pad. 

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