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oh hello. don't you look cute today? i'm a
designer/editor/photographer with a whole lotta love for the district of columbia. i love letterpress, smart graphic design and i don't think i'll ever have enough clothes. i also  dig a good granny smith. 

on this blog, i'll post about tons of stuff, but mostly food + recipes, fashion + shopping tips, art + design, my french bulldog lucy, living in dc and letterpress.

my friends call me A, so you can too.

i am responsible for all of the pics you see here unless otherwise noted. 

contact me if you like [couldawouldapica [at] gmail].

_ _ _

but what does the name of my blog mean?

it's a combination of two of my favorite things: procrastinating and graphic design. coulda woulda is a nod to my sometimes lazy self and pica is a unit of measurement in design and typography. 

boom. now you know.