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short seasons

but since this has been one of the warmest summers i can remember, we've probably got at least a month or two left of warm weather attire here in d.c.

i'm pretty loyal to dresses and skirts. in any season. but shorts have really stepped up their game over the past couple years, with fun patterns, new shapes and interesting textures.

here's some i still have my eye on:

also! both lace shorts are currently on sale. love that orange. 

and because i always like to get the most mileage out of my clothes, you can easily take these shorts right into the early fall. just add some long sleeves swap out your shoes. 

i've shown those brown madewell sandals and the long-sleeved chambray button-up on here before, but since they're both less than $50, it's such a steal. 

if you don't want long sleeves just yet, a utility jacket like this one from anthropologie may become your new favorite thing. i've had mine for two years now, and sometimes, i have to force myself to wear something else as outerwear because it really is that versatile. here's a cheaper version, too.

plus, a tough-looking jacket like this pairs really nicely with a feminine fabric like lace or sequins. i mean, who doesn't dig a good juxtaposition?

now, aren't you just adorable and prepared for anything?

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