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in case of emergency

the other night, i was desperate for something sweet.

i was done with dinner and i needed dessert. but it was late. and since there's still no late-night dessert delivery service (come on! invent that already!) and nothing's open past 8 p.m. in dc,* i begrudgingly turned to the contents of my pantry, totally expecting to come up short.

until i found this brownie recipe via pinterest.

you guys.

first of all, i like to make a lot of stuff from scratch, but for whatever reason had never attempted brownies. after making this insanely easy one, i'm sold.

before we dive into the actual recipe, let me say one more word about brownies: i like them soft. not so gooey that your stomach hurts after a single bite, but soft. and moist. i'm not a fan of brownie edges/corners so if you are, this may not be the recipe for you.

but if you enjoy a softer brownie (that stays that way even overnight!), then please. make these.

pics by me

you can check out the full recipe here.

let's just say that i made these twice in a span of three days. yikes. but so good.

make these, people. you're in for a treat.

_ _ _

*ok that's an exaggeration. but i've always hate how early things close in this town. grrrr.
_ _ _

 if chocolate chip cookies are more your scene, check out my all-time favorite recipe for them here. delicious!

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