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i've been on a cocktail kick lately.

this probably has something to do with the fact that ever since i saw this picture

via the life styled

and ordered this book

i feel the need to fancy my life up with some sophisticated (but not complicated!) adult beverages.

_ _ _

the boy and i have been slowly stocking up on some nicer spirits. we started with vodka and gin. pretty standard stuff.

vodka is ok. it's usually mixed in with other stuff, but i've always hated that rubbing alcohol aftertaste it has. or maybe my liquor is just cheap.

either way, when i saw this recipe, i was pumped. and although the word 'infused' would normally scare me off, this requires almost no effort.

so here it is:

take any brand of vodka you like, and add about 15-20 basil leaves. you can leave them in there overnight if you have the time, but a few hours will do the trick also.

this changed my whole view on vodka. because these drinks were smoooooooth, man.

too smooth, as my sister-in-law put it.

the basil gave the liquor a subtle lemony, peppery bite and completely removed any hint of aftertaste nastiness.

_ _ _

it's got me thinking: what's next? tarragon in gin? thyme in tequila?


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  1. Oooh, I like the sound of this. Since vodka in my life, is generally just used for predrinking in my room mixed with lemonade, I might just take it next level and do this next time ;) That first picture is amazing too.