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dig in

making salsa at home is something i've wanted to attempt for a while.

there's endless possibilities with salsa, but i really wanted to make something with pineapples. love that heat/sweet combo. i've seen slightly different versions of this here and there, but this one works for me and the boy.

and it's so easy.
_ _ _

you'll need the following:

pineapple chunks, a jalepeno, and a serrano pepper

also a red onion and lime.

cut them into bite-sized pieces

add a pinch or two of salt and give it a stir.

that's it! 
you're ready to eat.

you can adjust the heat, depending on how spicy you like things. the boy and i like heat a lot, but if that's not what you're into, substituting a green bell pepper or an anaheim pepper would be delicious too.

this salsa is great on its own, with tacos, or served alongside seafood.


pass the chips, man.

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