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seasonal cocktails


a middle-of-the-week holiday has my brain all outta sorts.

but here we are. and i guess (some of us) have to go back to work today. for anyone who lives in dc the east cost the usa, you know that this summer's been nuts.

crazy hot all the time

and that's ok. but personally, i don't feel like turning on the stove. or doing much of anything really.

so for this month's seasonal post, i thought i'd steer us in a different direction. in a direction that has alcohol. and ice.

blackberries are in season now. these plump and juicy fruits are delicious alone, but why not let them take a dip in a cocktail glass?

here are four of my favorites:

wild blackberry and basil cocktail by i eat grass
blackberry basil crush by sb chic
blackberry smash via design crush by pictures and pancakes 
blackberry and bourbon lemonade by eat love drink
_ _ _

don't they all sound delicious?

now this isn't blackberry related, but i made this drink recently and i really liked how it turned out. and now i'm obsessed with infusing my liquor using herbs. but that's another post.

enjoy your drinks!

_ _ _ 

looking for more seasonal eating recipes? check them all out here.

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