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a look back

you guys ready for this?
(get your scolling finger ready...)

union station looking all mysterious...


don't call it metro...

having a sangria + margarita in one glass. here. (hello instant buzz!) 

bought some grown up lady sandals (with nike air technology!)

the fan-tas-tic place where we stayed (mean girls break before dinner)

gorgeous new york night

birreria at eatatly!

hello brooklyn!

it would be a crime to visit brooklyn and not eat here. 

yes omg yes. banana cream pie.

the boy getting ink!

brooklyn streets

this place was delicious. like amazingly good.

trying desperately to cool off here

high line! high line! high line!

last nyc meal. here.

on the road to the beach...


last night of the honeymoon. back in dc. using a gift card here.

_ _ _

i just want to go back.  

hope your monday isn't too bad.

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