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not over yet

last year, i was happy to see all these super cute, not frumpy one-piece suits popping up.

not just the sad old bikini alternatives that no one REALLY wants to wear, but one pieces with some style. modern cuts, fun patterns and even a little sexiness.  

oo la la!

i couldn't be happier that these are still around. and i'm looking to purchase one before the end of the summer. are you dying for that red one with the polka dots? because i totally am.

the good thing about these suits is that they're all less than 100 dollars. hooray!

view full set here

now, onto the cover up situation.

here's four options. all very different but equal in their ease, comfort and adorable-ness. just pick what you like best.

view full set here

i'm pretty cautious sheer about clothing in most cases, but at the beach/pool, it's awesome.

oh and guess what? all of these items are under $100 too. 

high fives all around.

_ _ _

this morning, i mentioned that this is the last week in july. i hate that. but it's still here for now, so it's time to live it up.

just don't buy all the polka dot suits before i get around to it. 

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