freaking cool

i go through stages with earrings. i used to be all about stud earrings (the bigger the better!) and then some dangly ones caught my eye

as i was getting dressed for work the other day, i realized that it might be time to add a few new ones to my collection. a lot of the ones i purchased from j crew have fallen apart (GREAT QUALITY GUYS!) and i've managed to lose a few pairs here and there. 

the earrings i have my eye on these days are the best of both (all?) worlds: large, clustery and a little bit funky. i especially like the ones that sit on the lobe in a different way.

see what you think, below. 

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5| 6 | 7 | 8

OF COURSE the ones i like the best are the most expensive. 

but any one of these guys would be a welcome addition. 

potw: hilarious

i've posted about all kinds of different letterpress cards, colors and printing treatments over the years, but i've never tipped my hat to the more lighthearted ones.

and these are just a sampling of what's out there.

it's monday and if you're in the dc area, you're probably melting away, so i thought a little humor would be just the thing. 

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those arrested development ones are killing me. 

_ _ _ 

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later dudes

i'm heading to the beach with a group of friends for the week of the fourth of july.

if summer is my favorite time of year, the fourth is its peak of wonderfulness for me. i've loved the holiday since i was a kid and look forward to it--with some bittersweet feelings since it feels like summer is slipping away--every year. mildly pessimistic outlook, yes, since there's still two full months, but i'm also the type of person who feels like the weekend is over around noon on sunday.


where was i going with this?

my point is that if you're able to get some time off, spend time with some awesome people. also watermelon. there should always be some watermelon involved. 

peace out, friends.


after living in our house for three years, we finally put a fence.

now that it's warm and there's still some light around until almost nine o'clock, i just want to eat outside every night. 

it's high time we make use of our outdoor living area. here's the vibe i'm going for back there.

umbrella | chairs | lights | hanging plants |
succulent | succulent | plant stand | citronella candle |
lounge chair | outdoor wine glasses | table