drinking milk from a plastic cup is gross to me. see also: eating cereal out of a plastic bowl. i don't know why this grosses me out so much, but it does. 

when it comes to water, i don't mind drinking out of plastic containers as much, but now that i bring a reusable bottle to work every day, i've been wanting to make the switch. there's something a bit more refreshing about drinking water from glass.

here are six with a modern feel, even though the more i look at #5, the more it looks like sperm. pretty sure that's not what target was going for there.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

i also appreciate that none of these have straws. reusable straws never seem to get quite clean enough.

potw: celebrate

short and sweet today: a few easter cards, a few passover cards.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

my husband and i have been invited to a friend's house for seder the past few years, and i have to say, i've really developed a taste (maybe even a craving?) for matzah with pickled horseradish. yum yum.

anyways, if you celebrate either of these two upcoming events, these cards might just be the perfect thing. 

now and later

embellished tee
for now: vest | ponte pants | earrings | boots
for later: ring | ring | shorts | sandals

embellished tee
for work: blazer | shoes | pencil skirt | purse

for weekend: pants | wallet | purse | shoes | hair ties

this shirt* is so versatile and comfortable. i just bought something similar from the crew. it's gonna be perfect for these next few weeks/months when the temps can be anywhere from the upper 30s to the high 60s (maybe even 70s?!)

here's hoping anyways.

_ _ _

*i made this collage about a week ago and never got around to posting it. the exact shirt is sold out, but i've linked to something really similar.


as dc winters go, we've had a lot of snow this year. but anyone who lived here in 2010 will definitely remember snowpocalypse/snowmageddon and the near-weeklong closures it brought with it.

i was living in dupont circle at the time, right on 17th and massachusetts.

after the snow finally stopped falling, the sun came out and since we were going stir crazy, we went for a walk to the mall and downtown to check out the aftermath.

this was dc in february 2010. under more than three feet of snow.

i've started to hear some rumors of more snow next tuesday. yikes.

happy spring?