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you're invited

the season of weddings is already somewhat underway.

i have three to go to this year, including my own. i've had years when there's more than three and years when there's only one or two. 

and everyone's wedding is different. even the description of what to wear can vary. cocktail? garden? evening wear? there's a lot.

so with that in mind, here's three looks, complete with shoes and accessories. and as a bonus, with each look, you have a secret weapon that'll get you through the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception with ease.

via polyvore

now about those secret weapons: for our daytime look, i included some neato-looking shades and a floppy-but-not-obnoxious sun hat to keep you cool. for the cocktail look, i threw in some oil-absorbing sheets and solid perfume to make sure you're shine-free and superfresh. and for that last look? the weaponry is more about the dramatic than the practical. but a pretty little flirty LBD like that demands something extra. so some fake lashes and red lipstick are in order.

_ _ _

enjoy your weddings in style! 

just one last very important thing to remember: the electric slide is the devil.

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