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clockwise from left to right: the hero of the night award goes to my friend catherine who went back to the hotel and grabbed the liquor license i forgot. whoops; a shot of the tables; my shoes after i kicked them off for the night; the ceremony backdrop

clockwise from left to right: a plywood/photo installation the boy and i worked on to thank our guests for coming; guest book signage; the happy couple!

without question, one of my favorite parts of the wedding was our guest book.

we had a few polaroid cameras set up and asked our guests to take a picture of themselves and leave us a tiny note. i can't even tell you how much fun it was looking through those the next day with the boy.

and i'm also lucky that one of my good friends had the fantastic idea to use up the few remaining pieces of film to take some shots of the scene that night. so so thankful she did this because, from my perspective, the night went by in a flash so i'm really treasuring these little moments she captured.

more wedding and more blog posts later this week, guys! i'm slowly dragging myself out of honeymoon mode. slowly. 

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