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thank you for being a friend

i guess i'm going to deem this wedding week. i'll mix in some other posts along the way, but there are some wedding-related posts coming your way. so if weddings make you vom, find a trash can and we'll see you next week.

_ _ _

today i wanted to share with you the bridal party gifts the boy and i bought.

above (almost) everything else, i value practicality. and the same goes for these gifts. why give someone something they don't really want? (see: wine glasses with our wedding date/koozies with our names on them)

so for the bridesmaids, i bought them each a pair of the earrings pictured below. i wouldn't say the wedding had a 'theme' or anything. but there was a lot of neutrals mixed with metallics so i wanted to find earrings that would give a little nod to that look. 

and they nailed it with these earrings: modern, unique and universally flattering.


they came individually boxed, which was a sweet touch, and i put them inside a cosmetic case when i gave them to my girls. i wanted to give nicer-quality bags since those things get gross pretty quickly, so i stalked kate spade, gilt and nordstrom for sales. 

now the guys were harder to shop for, but i was so happy with the hand forged beer bottle openers we purchased from hammer on steel. the fact that they were personalized made it fun to watch them open the gifts during the rehearsal dinner.

(in case you're curious: we had it here; where else?)

and lastly, we gave our day-of coordinator a little gift from missive

_ _ _

so thank you, etsy for being your usual awesome self. and thank you again to our amazing wedding party. you guys blew us away with your love and support.

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