for one night only

ok so i don't have a lot of hair. 

and it grows about a half inch a year. i kid. it's closer to a quarter inch. i have always wanted long hair. always. my hair is decently long right now but i'm talking LONG, people:

i hate you | via
i hate you | via
i hate you | via

my younger sister has a ton of hair, too. thanks for hogging all of those good genes, jerk!

my point is, that i got a taste of long hair last night during my little trial for the wedding. and i was dying for it. we actually decided that we're going to put even more extensions in on the day of the wedding. i want all the follicles.

i'd taken it down in this picture so you can kinda see where my real hair starts and my fake stuff begins. and i'll save you the boring details of how i'm gonna wear my hair, but this should give you a hint if you're into that sorta thing. like how internet strangers plan to wear their hair and stuff.

i'm excited. i honestly didn't want to take it out. but that's gross so i did. now i just have to wait until the 16th.

_ _ _ 

also, i'm horribly behind on blogging. but i should be able to get some totally cool posts up next week.

hope your weekend is amazing!

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  1. ahhhhhhh Andrea I am in love with this idea! Long hair and a fish tail will look amazing on you:) can't wait to see <3 love the pics for ideas hehe