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all covered

today, i thought i'd share a super easy DIY.

like crazy easy.

if you have cans and some spray paint, you're good. here's what i did:

1. grab some glitter spray paint and some primer. i've found that krylon has the best coverage.
2. set up as many cans as you want, removing the labels first.
3. add the first coat of primer
4. add a second coat. this helps the glitter spray paint stand out more. it can look a little wimpy on its own. and we're looking for some sparkle here, dammit.

you want to let them dry thoroughly between coats also. after the primer's dry, you're ready to add glitter. i used two coats. using just one looked a little weak.

i'm not sure the picture is doing enough to show you how sparkly these look. i'm going to fill them with parsley and thyme as part of the wedding centerpieces, but you could use these for anything: storing paint brushes, pencils, beauty supplies. whatever you like.

and even though it isn't shown here, i have some smaller tomato paste-sized cans to mix in as well.
_ _ _

have fun spraying!

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