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sometimes i like to relax on the weekend but i always feel awesome when i get a ton of shit done. that was this past weekend for me. 

we have this closet in the basement bedroom that's pretty much our closet of doom. you know, the one you keep throwing stuff into, vowing to go through it one day but you never really do? 

i finally tackled it. and my husband installed a closet organizer in the soon-to-be-nursery. we also hung a few wall shelves and gave the house a super thorough cleaning. 

i feel tired now, but it was so worth it. i can't even tell you all the stuff we managed to throw out or donate.

recipe for this incredible pie

i feel proud of myself because going through that stupid closet was the last thing i felt like doing, but i forced myself to just do it dammit. once i got started, i was on a roll, but for an admitted procrastinator like me, getting started is always the hardest part.

_ _ _

we're going to florida at the end of the week for a long labor day weekend. 

on a side note, if you're looking for a summery dessert, you can't go wrong with that pie. it's the perfect combination of tart and creamy goodness. mmm. mmm. mmm.

hope your monday's off to a great start.

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