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friday finds viii

this series could be renamed "why did i start using roman freaking numerals?" 

oh well.

here's a few things i saw this week that caught my eye. that jacket is a great deal and it's something you could wear into the fall and winter too.

planter | jacket | batter bowl | salt cellar | bowls | flats

sometimes on the weekends, i like to make pancakes (see my fave recipe here) and a batter bowl with a pourable spout would be a nice tool to have.

i also included two things i really love in this week's post: a salt cellar and ankle strap flats. i use my salt cellar on a daily basis and i love it. it makes cooking and baking so convenient. i also bought a pair of flats similar to these ones last year and wore them to death. i need to retire mine now and these look awesome and have pretty good reviews too.

do you read reviews when shopping online? i always do.
_ _ _

hope everyone's weekend is the best.

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