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springtime fun

so i go out of town for five days and it's summer.


i'll take it. i'm never one to complain about the warm weather.

_ _ _

i've been really neglectful of this blog lately, but to be honest, i have no excuse other than simply not feeling like it. and i think that's ok sometimes. everyone needs a break now and then.

since the weather's been so nice lately, i thought i'd share three outfit ideas for three of my favorite springtime activities: day drinking, going to a nats game and having a dc day.

by "having a dc day" i mean doing something with out-of-town guests that you normally wouldn't do as a resident: go see the monuments, spend some time in a museum. that sort of thing.

so let's get started. the outfits and accessories are below, and everything is less than $50.

day drinking: top | jeans | sandals | purse | earrings | hair ties | bracelet
nats park: dress | necklace | sunglasses | clutch | sandals
d.c. day: dress | cuff | rings | bobble | jacket | sandals

for my day drinking outfit, i wanted something comfortable and loose-fitting on top. i chose pants here since i get a little grossed out by the back of my thighs touching what can be gross/sticky bar/patio seats. i also picked out a purse that allows you to have your hands free and i threw in some hair ties because i almost always end up putting my hair in a big messy pile on top of my head when i'm drinking. 

for the baseball game, i'm usually a fan of dressing in the teams colors in lieu of wearing actual team-sanctioned attire. i really wanted to find a dress with sleeves but i couldn't find one i liked within this price range, so this one will do for now. i also chose a small clutch here since i really don't like bringing a huge purse to sporting events. see my football post here.

for the dc day, i chose to go with some layers. museums can be chilly and so can restaurants (if you plan to stop somewhere to grab a bite). i went with sandals here, because i really don't mind walking for long periods of time in shoes like this. but if you need more support, feel free. i threw in a bobble here also. if you're walking around on the mall, it can get hot and there aren't really that many places to get a drink. this bobble will keep you hydrated while filtering your water for you. 

_ _ _

i know i've been bitching pretty incessantly about the cooler-than-normal spring temperatures, but i think we've finally turned a corner with the weather and i'm so happy.


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  2. I love basically everything in all three outfits. I'm especially drooling over the earrings in the day drinking outfit! Might have to treat myself.