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outta my way

pic by me | m street

if you've ever walked around in downtown dc, been in a sea of people on the mall or just found yourself in any crowded situation, i've got a great tip for you today.

don't you hate when you have to do that little dance with a stranger on the sidewalk? 

you know, that whole "which way are they going to go" and you end up awkwardly shifting your feet? 

well, kevin burg, part of the duo behind the ann street studio, made me aware of this little tip. i've been using it for months now, and it has yet to fail me. 

if you're coming up on someone who looks like the might run into you, look slightly to the right* and they'll go the other way every time. i work in georgetown and wisconsin avenue can get pretty packed during lunch, and i've used this almost daily.

it avoids that little "excuse me, pardon me, my bad" with someone you don't know. 

_ _ _

*you can look left too, but i tend to look right. 


  1. Except if that other person is a tourist and then they just stop in the middle of the sidewalk and look confused.

  2. ha! very possible you're right about that. i'd be curious to see if it would work with a tourist.